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          A. Civil Matters

Motion for Discretionary Review to Kentucky Supreme Court

  • The Kentucky Supreme Court granted review and vacated the Court of Appeal's opinion in a personal injury case based on this motion
Response to Bank's Motion to Dismiss Payable-on-Death Beneficiary's Claim for CD Proceeds
  • POD CD beneficiary is a donee beneficiary with legal claim on proceeds (Kentucky)

Responses to Motions for Summary Judgment

(these ones are password protected -- just contact me for access)

  • Tort suit against an electric company (Plaintiff's car hit downed electrical wires) (Kentucky)
  • Slip and fall suit against hospital (Plaintiff slipped on clear liquid) (Indiana)
  • Trip and fall suit against hospital (Plaintiff tripped on exposed electrical cord) (Kentucky)
  • Premises liability suit against retailer (automatic door closed on Plaintiff's foot) (Kentucky)
Notice-Motion-Order for Injunctive Relief
  • The statute of limitations is about to run on a claim, but the Defendant refuses to reveal information to which the Plaintiff is entitled (Kentucky)
Motion for Judgment as Matter of Law under FRCP 50(a)  
  • Wage & overtime case (Florida)

Response to Motion to Alter or Amend under FRCP 59(e)  

  • Motion improperly submitted prior to final judgment (Florida)

Motion for Rehearing re Placement of Minor  

  • Foster child's right to consent to placement (Florida)

Motion to Exclude Hearsay Evidence  

  • Doctor's report inadmissible where witness is available (Florida)

          B. Criminal Matters

Motions for Suppression Hearings

(these ones are password protected -- just contact me for samples)

  • Confession obtained in violation of Miranda rights (Kentucky)
  • Search warrant lacking specificity and credibility (Kentucky)

Response to Motion to Suppress (4th Amendment issues)

  • Warrantless search of an airplane hangar (Florida)

II.  LEGAL MEMORANDA (Formal and informal)

Kentucky law

Informal Legal Memo re Kentucky Dram Shop Act, KRS 413.241
  • Does Kentucky's Dram Shop Act create a separate cause of action?  (And if so, what is the relevant statute of limitations for filing such an action?)

Informal Legal Memo re "Gross Negligence" and Kentucky Workers' Compensation Law

  • Can an employer's gross negligence serve as a workaround for the "exclusive remedy" provisions of Kentucky WC law?

Informal Legal Memo re KRS 134 and Statute of Limitations on tax lien (Certificate of Delinquency) collections

  • If a foreclosing bank settles a claim against a tax-delinquent property owner, what effect does the statute of limitations have on the collection of county tax bills on the property?

Indiana law

Informal Legal Memo re Open Records Request from Homeowners' Association member

  • What documents is an HOA member entitled to see?

Informal Legal Memo re Indiana Premises Liability

  • What is the extent of a property owner's duty to inspect for hazardous conditions under Indiana law?
Informal Legal Memo re Landlord's duties re Ice and Snow
  • What is a landlord's liability for injury resulting from ice and snow on leased property?

Florida law

Formal Legal Memo re Contempt Standards  

  • When do indirect and direct contempt apply?   Must refusal to comply be "willful"?

Formal Legal Memo re Ex Parte Motion Requirements  

  • How does a party properly obtain an ex parte order?

Formal Legal Memo re Involuntary Commitment 

  • What is the procedure for involuntary commitment, assessment, and stabilization under the Marchman Act?

Formal Legal Memo re Writ of Bodily Attachment  

  • When is this writ properly applied for and issued?

Informal Legal Memo re Partition Action by Tenants in Common  

  • When is an unmarried co-tenant "out-of-possession"?



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