Fellow Attorneys,

Are you sometimes too busy to:

  • Research a point of law
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  • Write a thorough Response to a Motion for Summary Judgment?
    • Tailor discovery documents to the specific facts of your case?
        • Research and write pre- or post-trial motions, such as a
          • Motion to Exclude Evidence,
          • Motion to for Separate Trials or to Bifurcate,
          • Motion for a Suppression Hearing, or
          • Motion for a Directed Verdict?
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        • Read through a pile of depositions or other discovery documents and extract the relevant legal facts?
        • Craft a persuasive, authoritative memorandum of law in support of a motion that could help win your client's case?


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        clip_sex_oc_thanh_van_iphonemoverika_samurai_girl_apk_download_newziperin brockovich ost Whether economic times are good or bad, lawyers and their clients must constantly re-think the way they do business.  Solo practitioners and small firms in particular should run through this brief checklist:

                            KLR Checklist:
        1. Do you sometimes want a quick legal memo on a point of law that you don't have the time (or the inclination) to research?

        2. Do you occasionally want legal research and writing help, but not a new full-time associate?  

        3. Do you put off responding to motions or other documents until the last minute?

        4. Do you subscribe to a legal search engine, only to find you don't use it often enough to justify the expense?  

        5. Do you find legal research and writing tedious, and wish you had time for other aspects of your practice that you enjoy more?

        6. Would you like to appeal a decision, but don't feel you have the time?

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        You can save time & money for yourself and your clients by hiring a good research & writing attorney to handle an occasional or temporary overflow of work.

        And you can get back to the rest of your practice.

        I am an attorney whose practice is devoted solely to helping other attorneys in all U.S. jurisdictions who occasionally don't have the time (or the inclination) to research or write motions, responses, supporting memoranda of law, briefs, or other litigation documents. 

        I will also make court appearances in Kentucky to argue motions or responses that I have written, or to stand in for you at motion hour or pre-trial conferences.  I can also take & defend depositions when you don't have the time. I have prepared special pages for Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio attorneys. 

        There is no reason to procrastinate when faced with a deadline for filing a motion, response or brief. 

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